3 Ways to Match Bedding to Your Current Decor

A selection of luxury bedding linens folded and shelved with other household decor items

Planning the perfect bedding to match your style is the best way to create the perfect centerpiece of the bedroom. By tying in colors and elements of your bedroom decor, you can create a bed built for comfort, without sacrificing the carefully constructed design of your bedroom. Peacock Alley creates luxurious bedding in understated neutrals, ideal for every setting and season.

Follow these three tips to make the perfect bedding additions to match your current decor:

Tranquil and Relaxed:

All white bed in a relaxed country-chic room

Your bed doesn't have to be the centerpiece of color, instead curate a relaxing and tranquil experience with all white bedding. Monochromatic color schemes are a classic look, and investing in high-quality, durable linens will ensure a timeless, upscale feel that will endure through countless washes.

Texture and Dimension:

Messy bed featuring various textured linens with a breakfast tray and empty coffee cups

Building texture with different knits, blankets, and shams will create an inviting, warm feel that can pull elements from the rest of the room for inspiration.  Take a look at new patterns and textures in the Peacock Alley Blankets  and our Coverlets page for more inspiration in adding depth to your design.

Various coverlets in White, Ivory and Linen colors A selection of luxury bedding linens folded and shelved with other household decor items

Color Play:

Use throws and pillows to match art and accessories in your decor for pops of color. By adding small details on a monochrome bed, your most treasured pieces will flow directly to the center of the room, providing a curated look of stunning, thoughtful design. Browse some of the decorative pillows at Peacock Alley for inspiration for color-matching.

Oliver Decorative Pillows in a neutral shade with organic spotted detail Country style bed made up in red and white with a cable knit throw pillow on top Durban Mohair Throw blankets in gray, spice and navy, draped over a branch
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