Luxury Towels: How to Choose the Best Quality Bath Towels

Luxury Towels: How to Choose the Best Quality Bath Towels

Choosing the best luxury bath towels for your home can be overwhelming. There are so many options with so many different features – it really can be hard to even know which bath towels are best for you.
If you are like most people, you want good quality bath towels that are soft and luxurious for your home. Seeing terms like Turkish cotton and ‘grams per square meter’ often make it seem even more difficult to figure out how to choose the best bath towels.
The experts at Peacock Alley have compiled some information and tips about how to choose the best bath towels for your home to make it easier for you to decide which luxury bath towels to purchase.  From size and weight to material and features, here are some tips to show you how to choose the best bath towels.

Determine Your Ideal Size and Weight for Your Luxury Bath Towels

Two of the most important features to consider when choosing high end bath towels are the size and weight of the towels.

Luxury Bath Towel Weight

Luxury bath towel weight is measured in grams per square meter (GSM). Here are the average bath towel weights:

  • Lightweight Bath Towel - 300-400 GSM
  • Medium Weight Bath Towel - 400-600 GSM
  • Heavy Weight Bath Towel - 600-900 GSM

Typically, the higher weight towels offer a plush material that is denser and more absorbent than the lighter weight bath towels. Top performers and high-end bath towels are typically in the 500-700 GSM range.

Luxury Bath Towel Dimensions

High end bath towels come in a variety of sizes, so you will want to determine what size is best for you before you begin to shop for bath towels. The two main sizes of bath towels are called a standard bath towel and a bath sheet.

  • Standard Bath Towel – Measure around 27” x 52”
  • Bath Sheet – Measure around 35” x 60”

A standard high-end bath towel is what most people use, however bath sheets are becoming more popular every day with those who want more coverage to be able to fully wrap up in the towel after a shower or bath.

Choose the Right Material for Your Upscale Bath Towels

Good quality bath towels are often made of some type of upscale cotton. Cotton truly makes the best material for bath towels and offers the features we want most in a high-quality bath towel – good absorbency, extra durability, and of course a thick, luscious feel!

Turkish cotton is an excellent material for luxury bath towels and makes a great choice for anyone who wants to have good quality towels for their family and guests. Turkish cotton has the extra-long fibers that give bath towels a plush feel and extra durability. Due to the longer and more dense loops of the thread, towels made from Turkish cotton absorb moisture and trap warmth, making them the perfect bath towel! If you prefer a thicker and more luxurious feel to your bath towel, Turkish cotton is definitely the way to go.

Another thing to consider when choosing the best material for bath towels is the new Zero Twist Technology cotton towels. Luxury cotton bath towels that are created with the Zero Twist Technology have an extraordinarily soft and fluffy feel with a much shorter drying time. Made of long staple cotton that has a zero twist keeps the extra-long loops from twisting, allowing the towels to be lightweight, durable, and look amazing in your bathroom.

Select the Best Color and Style for Your Luxury Bath Towels

The best color for luxury bath towels really depends on what you are planning to use them for! High end bath towels can make a dramatic statement when used as a design element in your bathroom. Select a color or pattern to match the décor of your bath for an added boost of style.

The best color for towels if you have children, may be anything but white! Choosing a darker color may be the best choice to help keep staining to a minimum and to make caring for your high-end towels easier.

Know Your Luxury Bath Towel Personal Preference

Choosing the perfect luxury bath towel is truly a matter of personal preference. Some people like a larger fluffier towel, while others prefer a smaller and more absorbent bath towel after they bathe.

Those who prefer an ultra-soft and absorbent bath towel may enjoy a 100% cotton towel with plush, dense, yarn loops, while others who like a fast-drying and long lasting towel may want to consider a lighter, short looped material, like a poly-cotton blend. Once you experiment with a few different types of bath towels, you will find the kind that works best for you and it will become your personal preference.

Choose Peacock Alley’s Luxury Bath Towel Collection for Your Home

From high end bath towels to luxury bath sheets, Peacock Alley offers the finest bath towel selection in our upscale collection. Choose from complete sets or individual towels to inspire your home bathroom décor and give it a spa-like feel for you and your guests.