Peacock Alley Cookie Policy

Peacock Alley uses internet technology including cookies, tracking URL’s, mobile identifiers, and information provided by website users at to provide a better user experience and to effectively manage the daily operations of the Company, as necessary.

This use of cookies and relevant website technologies is to help support, protect, and improve the Peacock Alley website, so we would like to explain exactly how and why these technologies are used.

Why Peacock Alley Uses Internet Website Technology

Peacock Alley utilizes these internet website technologies for a variety of reasons, including these:

  • The use of cookies on the Peacock Alley website enables customers to use and access their account as well as the Payment Services.
  • Website technology allows Peacock Alley to better understand how you interact with the website,, so that we can continue to upgrade and improve the website for a better user experience.
  • Advanced technology allows Peacock Alley to tailor advertising to your wants and needs via the website, personalized emails, and on third-party websites to show you more relevant content that is customized to meet your preferences.
  • This technology makes it possible for Peacock Alley to better monitor and analyze the performance and effectiveness of advertisements to enable a better customer experience for you.
  • Advanced internet technology allows Peacock Alley to prepare for fraud prevention and detection as well as trust/safety concerns so we can be protected and have more knowledge to prepare for impending issues.
  • Customer support, analytics, new product development, and even regulatory compliance can be monitored and tracked via this modern internet technology.

About Cookies

When you visit the Peacock Alley website, cookies may be sent to the web browser on your electronic device. Cookies, the small text files sent by websites to your Internet-connected device, allows the website to identify your browser and/or store information or settings there. These cookies allow the Company website to recognize your device when you visit the site in the future. These cookies also help us provide a customized user experience and even allow certain types of fraud to be detected.

The information collected via website cookies and other internet tools can be used in both an identifiable and non-identifiable manner. Using data without reference to personal details includes instances such as collecting data to better understand website traffic patterns and/or to optimize the website experience. In other cases, we do associate the personal details information we collect via internet technology such as cookies.

Peacock Alley utilizes two types of cookies on the website (1) “session cookies” and (2) “persistent cookies.” Session cookies are designed to expire when your browser is closed. Persistent cookies, however, remain on your browser even after it is shut down, and will be remembered each time you visit the website.

How to adjust or disable website cookies:

Adjusting the browser settings may allow you to manage cookie preferences and opt-out of having this and other Internet data collection technologies used. Simply visit the “Help” section of your browser to learn about privacy settings such as cookie preferences available for customization. Please be aware that if the cookies are removed or rejected, or if you clear local storage - this may affect the features and functionality of the Peacock Alley website.