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Browse our selection of flat sheets for percales, sateens, and linens that will feel soft and luxurious against your skin as you drift off to sleep.

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At the end of a long day, slipping between a fresh, clean set of sheets can be a little slice of heaven. A properly made luxury bed consists of several layers of fine linens. Perhaps the most important are those which have the most contact with the skin of the sleeper. Indulge the senses and relax beneath sheeting made of some of the finest cotton available with our flat sheets in percale or sateen.

Here you’ll find a wide range of flat sheet sizes, colors, and patterns. For those who prefer to tuck hospital corners rather than stretch fitted sheets, we offer single flat sheets, allowing you to create the bedding collection that works best for your bed and home. And our 100% cotton flat sheets are made from some of the finest and softest cotton fibers available, for a finish that is pure bliss.

Why Use Flat Sheets?

There has been debate in some circles as to whether or not a top sheet (or flat sheet) is really necessary. Of course, you should always choose the options that work best for you, but for our part we find them to be an irreplaceable part of any bedding ensemble. In addition to keeping your duvet cover clean longer, a top sheet just makes for a more welcoming sleep experience. Flat sheets allow you to adjust the warmth of your bedding to reflect your personal preferences as well as the temperature of the room. Just like layering clothes in the winter allows you to remove layers as needed to remain comfortable indoors and out, so too the flat sheet allows you to remove blankets and duvets to be cooler on warm nights.