What Sheets Are Fitted For Your Personality?

A close up look at our classic damask sheeting, Duet

How do you like your night's rest to feel ~ crisp and cool; cozy and swaddled? Maybe your sheets' design and sheen are what cause the ultimate zzz's ... Let's define your sheet personality.

  • Do you like your sheeting to be light and allow you to feel cool and airy? Then you're most likely a sheet minimalist. Try Lyric. Or if you prefer a touch of femininity, consider Calypso because of its hemline detail.
  • Love textures that are soft to the touch and a luxurious night of a buttery bedding palette? You are a sheet sophisticate. Flirt with Soprano, available in basic colors or in Flint or Nude. Or consider Overture, a scalloped edge sheet that is ULTRA soft and thick.
  • Looking for a sheet that has subtle appeal? Do you like timeless design? You may be a classicist. Try Soprano Stripe, a classic linen with a damask stripe.

We want to hear from you! What sheets fit your personality?

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