Introducing our First Collection of America Grown Cotton

Organically Grown American Cotton

American Grown Cotton; from Farm to Home. 

Made from 100% American grown cotton, we are proud to introduce our newest collection of blankets and towels. Created with cotton grown deep in the heart of the South, these products embody our core beliefs and values. From seed to finished product they have been crafted in the USA. 

While looking for a way to support our own economy, create sustainable products and invest in a way of life we once thought obsolete, we discovered Wilson, Arkansas.

The Gin in Wilson, Arkansas
Harvest season in Wilson, Arkansas

“Wilson is a small town with great ambitions. A farming community…poised to become a beacon for change, in the region and beyond. Seeking to create a nurturing, inclusive and inspiring environment, Wilson anchors its ambition in the simple values of honesty, authenticity and hard work.” 

After the cotton is picked, the rounds are delivered direct to the Gin where the "magic" happens. There are four different styles of blankets that were made from Wilson cotton, one of them aptly named, Lummus after these enormous machines. 

As in many areas of our beautiful country, we found his humble town to value hard work, education and the craft of growing luxury textiles right here in the USA. We need more makers, more craftsmen in the US and we are passionate about playing a role in making it happen.

You can purchase the Grange towel,  pictured above with a Wilson custom monogram, here. 

Our cotton blankets pictured above will be available in February. From top down they are: Wildwood, Lummus, Delta and Steele, affectionately named after the Editor-in-Chief of Veranda magazine (shop here).

“These blankets and towels are our investment in a vision that unites education, culture, history and agriculture. We believe this to be a model for innovation and sustainable renewal.”  
~Jason Needleman, CEO of Peacock Alley

We are proud to present this collection of American grown cotton.
Authentic. Sustainable. Livable. 

  • Grown in the historic American Delta
  • 100% Wilson cotton
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Responsibly Made

Read more about Wilson, Arkansas and how Peacock Alley has invested in this special place, here in the most recent Veranda issue!

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