In Bed with a Few Presidents

Ronald Reagan's White House bedroom in cream, pink and green

Presidents Day is used as a day to honor and celebrate the lives and achievements of all of the U.S. presidents. As I thought about how to honor these men in a Peacock Alley-esque way, I looked into lesser known facts but more intimate details about these men that were interesting, I went into ... their White House bedrooms. What do you think the different interior design says about each of them?

Ronald Reagan's White House bedroom in cream, pink and green First Lady Betty Ford saying goodbye to her White House bedroom on moving day Kennedy's White House bedroom in soft neutral colorss Black and white image of Calvin Coolidge's White House bedroom

And, check out this blog to see bedrooms across the U.S. once frequented by U.S. presidents.

Yes, we all revert to type and see Presidents Day as a traditional day when retailers both on and offline announce discounts. We at Peacock Alley are guilty of this too because that is what our customers expect. But let us not forget on Presidents Day it is the history of these great men who have held office in the U.S. that we honor. Their lives, their accomplishments, their leadership and their position that ensures safety and freedom for us all.

Jason Needleman CEO & President, Peacock Alley

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