Duet Sheets Turn a Skeptic into a Fanatic

Folded stack of Duet Sheets, luxury sheeting from Peacock Alley
Images from the cover of Uncommon Thread, A Woman, A Brand, A Legacy: the Story of Peacock Alley Fine Linens by Mary Ella Gabler

We are grateful for our customers, retail partners and supporters. What a ride these 40 years have been. When we received this letter, we immediately shared it with our team and thought you would enjoy it too!


Dear Mary Ella: I wanted to take a minute of your time to say thank you for sharing your book with us. I read the book on the plane ride over to Portugal.

The book hit all my emotions (even for an old Army guy). It was, and is, very inspirational. I like to think that Tanda and I have a relationship like you had and have once again. We also have two boys to even make the similarity more complete and they have personalities like both your sons.

A short story of my introduction to Peacock Alley sheets.

I was a Tactical Officer and Instructor at West Point as a Captain, and Tanda was a Rep with Susan Theiry. Peacock Alley gave a set of Duet Sheets to Tanda to try.

I still remember the day when I was helping her put the sheets on the bed and I was asking a bunch of questions. Now I always liked nice things and thought I was buying the best of sheets in major retail locations. Then I asked the question on how much the Duet sheets cost, my response was HOW MUCH???!!!??? I said that’s crazy and a bunch of other things.

Well I slept on them that night and was extremely impressed but said I would be only convinced after they had been washed a few times.

Well, after a few weeks on the sheets I honestly stated I would pay double for them. And to say that those DUET sheets changed my life, would be incredible understatement.

Thanks for sharing, you are a remarkable woman and have created a brand that is not only a staple in the luxury bedding industry but also sets the standard in customer relationships.

Sincerely, Neal E. Jarest,
CEO, Opulence of Southern Pines,
DUXIANA at The Mews

Folded stack of Duet Sheets, luxury sheeting from Peacock Alley
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