Our Founder

Mary Ella Gabler

Long before "start up" became everyday parlance, Peacock Alley founder Mary Ella Gabler was on her way to establishing the luxury linen market in the US. The vision for her family-run, locally based company has not changed: Make and sell bedding and bath linens that are simple, beautiful, and impeccably crafted.

Long on Tradition Saying please. Writing thank you notes. Insisting on a home that's both beautiful and meaningful. Peacock Alley believes in tradition. And when you spend four decades creating luxurious bedding and bath linens, you create a tradition all your own.

That's just what Peacock Alley founder Mary Ella Gabler did.

It began in 1973 when she sold 250 patchwork pillows to Neiman Marcus for its storied Fortnight celebration. She chose the perfect name for her new company: Peacock Alley. The moniker harkens back to the Waldorf Astoria's famed gathering space of the same name, which was a long marble corridor where the well-to-do would congregate at the turn of the century.

By sourcing fabric from the finest, most responsible mills around the world - most notably in Portugal - and having them sewn in our Dallas, Texas workshop by skilled, local artisans, Gabler created a line of high end, luxury linens that you can feel good about purchasing. And they are sure to feel good in return. That's what we call returning the favor.



“We have always been a locally based, family run business. From Mary Ella's grown sons who run things around here to seamstresses who have been with us for more than 20 years, everyone we work with is like family to us.”

Not only is our founder an entrepreneur, she's also a best-selling author. In 2013, Gabler released her autobiography, which chronicles her rise to prominence from shattering the glass ceiling in the male-dominated halls of Wall Street to establishing the luxury linen market in the US. And thanks to her business savvy and trademark sophistication, she has also become a sought-after speaker. True to form, Gabler weaves one interesting story after another.

"This book is about refinement--of both a brand and my life. Revisiting the development of each of them has been a fulfilling way of understanding my family's entrepreneurial roots, my creative inspirations, my personal and professional challenges, my most endearing moments, and what I want for my family, and extended family of coworkers and customers, at Peacock Alley" - Mary Ella Gabler

“And may good health and loving family and friends be what we cherish the most. - Mary Ella Gabler, Founder of Peacock Alley”


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