Storybook Whites

Dallas, TX, August 14, 2011 - No bedtime story should begin without a set of dreamy White Sheets. They are the driving force behind any favorite bedroom setting, making it tough to tell where the story starts and the fairy tale ends. Famous for classic white linens, Peacock Alley has been adding volume upon volume to the tale of a restful nights’ sleep for almost 40 years.

True romantics with silky sateen sheets are perfect partners, as in Virtuoso, the most decadent of them all, enhanced with a double row of hemstitching made in Italy of 600 thread count Egyptian cotton ($700/queen set) or the time-honored sheet, Soprano in 450 thread count Egyptian cotton with satin-stitched trim ($495/queen set).

The more daring pair themselves with crisp, cool percales with hemstitches or colored trims like Lyric, 500 thread count Egyptian cotton with double hemstitch from Italy ($635/queen set) and Boutique, 200 thread count, Hotel-quality percale with colored satin-stitch ($225/queen set).

No matter the genre, you are certain to sleep happily ever after on Peacock Alley’s storybook whites.