How to Wash & Care for Down Alternative Comforters and Duvets

How to Wash & Care for Down Alternative Duvets

We love down alternative duvets to keep us warm on those cool winter nights. Not only are our favorite duvets soft and snugly, which is a quality we all love in our home bedding, but they are also ultra-breathable, hold their shape well for many years, and are super easy to care for.

It is understandable that some of us may be intimidated by caring for our fine bedding and linens, but with these tips about how to care for your down alternative duvet, you will be taking care of business in no time! From tips on washing a duvet, drying a duvet, and even how to properly store down alternative duvets, here are some tips from the luxury linen experts at Peacock Alley to keep your luxury bedding looking and feeling their absolute best.

Tips for How to Care for a Down Alternative Duvet

While washing your down alternative duvet is not as difficult as you may think, it does take a few steps to achieve the proper care to give you optimal use and longevity through the years. Luckily, down alternative bedding is very low maintenance! In fact, if there are no stains and the bedding is not dirty, your down alternative duvet only needs to be cleaned once a year! You are welcome to wash it more often though, especially if it is used on a regular basis.

Before you wash your duvet, or any other fine bedding in your home, always check the care instructions on the label first because the manufacturer really does know how to best care for the bedding and can give you great care tips. Instructions may vary depending on the duvet type and brand, so it is always a smart idea to check here first. Next…time to wash your down alternative duvet for fresh and comfortable bedding for your home

How to Wash a Down Alternative Duvet

  • Pre-Wash Checks for Your Duvet – It is a good idea to check your duvet for any tears or stains that may need attention before washing. For small rips in the fabric of your down alternative duvet, a quick mend with a needle and thread of a similar color will do the trick to keep the filling safe inside. A stain removal spray works well to spot clean soiled areas. Simply apply a generous amount of your favorite stain remover directly to the stain and rub gently. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then wash per the following instructions.
  • Washing Machine - It is best to wash your down alternative duvet in a front load washing machine if possible. They do not have the agitator that top load machines have, so it is easier and gentler to use these washers without an agitator. A large capacity top load washer will also work to wash your duvet, as long as you take care to place it in the washer so that it will not be damaged by the agitator. You can do this by making sure that the load is balanced when washing your duvet. If you find that you have an unbalanced load when washing your down alternative duvet, simply add some towels to make the load more balanced so that your duvet is gently washed and comes out undamaged.  
  • Laundry Detergent Tips – Be sure to only add a small amount of mild laundry detergent when washing your duvet. It really does not take a large amount of detergent to clean your alternative down duvet. Less detergent also makes it easier to rinse your duvet, which is really important for the care of your bedding. In fact, it is suggested that you rinse your down alternative duvet through two rinse cycles to make sure that you get all of the detergent out of the duvet. Avoid using bleach when washing down alternative duvets so that your bedding doesn’t get damaged by the harsh chemicals.
  • Best Machine Settings – Be sure to wash your down alternative duvet on the gentle cycle. It is also best to use warm water to wash your duvet.

Drying a Down Alternative Duvet

Use the low heat setting when drying your down alternative duvet in your home dryer. Note that it may take a few hours for your bedding to completely dry. It is also a good idea to toss in a couple of dryer balls, or tennis balls if you don’t have any, to help fluff up your duvet and also to help prevent the filling from clumping together.

How to Store a Down Alternative Duvet

Many people choose to store their down alternative bedding during the warmer months or when they want to change their bedroom style. To store your down alternative duvet, it is a good idea to put it inside of a good quality bedding bag. If you do not have a bedding storage bag, simply wrap it in a cotton sheet to store. It is also important to make sure your duvet is completely dry before wrapping it up to store and also that you do not keep your down alternative bedding in plastic, as it promotes moisture which can cause mildew – inside and outside of the duvet.

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