The Art of the Matelassé

Peacock Alley is the expert source for matelassé bedding! We do it better than anyone around. What is it and how do you say it?

mat-le-SAY. Now you try it.

Matelassé is French for “quilted” or “cushioned,” and in usage with fabric, refers to quilted textiles. It is meant to mimic the style of hand-stitched Marseilles type quilts made in France. Peacock Alley’s matelassé fabrics are woven on jacquard looms in Portugal and Italy. The looms give the appearance of hand quilting. The fabric is a plush textile that appears to be padded, but actually has no padding within the fabric.

There are several different kinds of cotton. These types of cotton are determined by the length of the fiber/staple and the region in which it is grown. All luxurious cotton bedding is made from long staple cotton. The longer the fiber, the finer the yarn. Extra long staple cotton fibers make a stronger, softer yarn, and, in turn, weave into a much stronger and softer fabric. Our matelassés come in a variety of types of items but are most commonly found in our Coverlets & Shams and our Shower Curtains.

Shop some of Peacock Alley's most famous matelassés including:



Vienna Matelasse

Peacock Alley's signature matelasse for over 30 years, Vienna is classic, understated and elegant. Fashioned after an 18th Century French button found in France by Peacock Alley's founder. Vienna matelasse is made of 100% Egyptian cotton, imported from Portugal.

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Alyssa Matelasse

The Alyssa matelasse is finely crafted with 8 rows of double needle hemstitching, enhanced with a sophisticated diamond design. Made of 100% Egyptian cotton and imported from Portugal.

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Montauk Matelasse

The Montauk matelasse may be the perfect modern neutral for the sophisticated bed. Montauk delights with a luxurious allover pebble pattern in fresh White or soft Pearl or natural Linen. The unique double-needle details and an engineered frame border complete the look.

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