Wrap Up Your Administrative Professional

A stack of richly colored knit ribbed throw blankets
A beautifully appointed office with an antique desk, a fresh floral arrangement, and homey decor

The term “Administrative Assistant” is often very widely and loosely used but seldom do we stop to think what it actually means. It is probably one of the most diverse roles in an organization.

The role is not high profile, it is not highly visual but it’s crucial. Many executive's success is dependent upon the efforts of the team and for sure upon the efforts of the Executive Admin. Encourage all other leadership to recognize it too. It can be a difficult task and pressures can often be coming from all sides at the same time.

How will you recognize and reward your Administrative Professional this week?

Need some last minute ideas?

A monogrammed white robe hangs in front of a green tiled wall Decorative pillows in white, coral, and linen Soft throw blankets in neutral tones A stack of richly colored knit ribbed throw blankets

Happy early Administrative Professionals Day to all the administrative assistants, secretaries, receptionists and other administrative support professionals!

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