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A new year. A fresh slate. A rejuvenation of the present. With this in mind, our team went through a discovery exercise. We asked ourselves where was the compass for our actions in this world and what drives our values.

We found these 5 quills to be the driving force behind who we are:

  • Versatility: Shift and turn effortlessly when necessary
  • Design: Plan and fashion artistically and skillfully with an eye on comfort
  • Knowledge: Leverage collective genius and always yearn for the unique
  • Benevolence: Desire to do good to others
  • Quality: What we do, we do with integrity and value

With those strokes defined, we plan to under go a transformation of sorts, one that our team, customers, readers and friends will experience along with us. To do so, we are relaunching our blog, finding inspiration and guidance from these "quills"  that further focus us. A feather in our caps, so to speak.

5 Quills blog is where our Peacock Alley team and guests gather to share ideas, surprises and trends. It will be everything from our "wow" moments, simple observations or any gem we think may help you ~ using these quills of our Peacock feathers to document it.

We encourage you to be part of the discussion and subscribe by e-mail or RSS. Join our Facebook and Twitter discussions, too, and share things you love with us on Pinterest. We want to hear from you.

We hope by working together and staying connected, we can help each other be relevant, trend setters while sharing subtle indulgences. We hope it will uncover more about us and who we are.

Jason Needleman CEO & President, Peacock Alley

Jason Needleman CEO & President, Peacock Alley

What Peacock Alley bedding does our CEO gets his best rest on? "Not too hot, not too cool, these sheets keep my body temperature at the perfect level." Make the jump to find out more!

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