Our Sparklers ★ Red, White & Blue

A selection of fabrics in red, white, and blue
A selection of fabrics in red, white, and blue

Red hot fireworks, serene oasis or sea of blue ~ however you describe your perfect bedroom (and what happens in it), we have the red, white and blue indulgent and textural bedding pieces for you.

Prefer to keep it clean? Well, doing white right has long been a Peacock Alley trademark. Our white bedding collections are numerous from Biscayne and Gigi to Vienna and Mandalay, just to name a few.

All color and more of it? Or perhaps you prefer just adding splashes of color on your canvas of textural neutrals? Whatever the case, color can create a glimpse of your own state of being.

Red or blue quirky throw pillows, irresistible woven throws and notable embroideries on our fine sheet sets can further customize your look.

Here's to expressing your sense of self in your surroundings!

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