On the Road with Josh: Part 1


Sunday- 9/26:

3:30pm- Steel Magnolia (SM) was picked up at Peacock Alley (PA) and brought home to pack up for the road trip to California with everything (or the simplest/ minimal things) one needs for a trip to California… groceries, clothes, hammock, scooter, skateboard, and a banjo (this maybe the perfect trip to learn how to play one!).

The Steel Magnolia Airstream trailer leaving Peacock Alley

9pm- The airstream was sitting too perfectly in front of my house hooked up to my truck where I had no choice but to leave. My plan was to go to sleep early and wake up in the middle of the night (early Monday morning) so I could drive through the night with no cars on the road. My excitement about getting on the road took over, so I had no choice but to leave.

The Steel Magnolia Airstream trailer leaving Josh's House

The directions are so simple to go to California… Get on I30 West from downtown Dallas. I30 West turns into I20 West which eventually turns into I10 West and that takes you straight to California. To start the trip off right, I missed my ONE turn to get on I30 West and realized it 30 minutes afterwards. Unbelievable!

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