Men at Work: Josh Needleman

Josh Needleman's favorite social network: Post-It Notes
Josh Needleman's favorite social network: Post-It Notes

Name: Josh Needleman

Years with Peacock Alley: 18

Hobbies or Interests: Anything I can ride (animal, board or machine), hunt or trailer … being outdoors and having the freedom

Favorite Peacock Alley Product & Why: Lyric sheets, Montauk coverlet, All Seasons Blanket, Napa, Montauk towels

Favorite Charity & Why: Child Protective Services … again, I’m all about the children and giving to those who don’t have what we are fortunate to … family!

Define “Hot”: Sexy, fast and great colors

Most Romantic Evening: Most recently … dinner for two ALONE in a room with one waiter serving Meredith and me with best food and drinks. Candles only.

Any Bedtime Ritual: After tucking everyone in to go to sleep (three children and my bride), I either sit on my rooftop and simply relax my mind or watch mindless TV (American Pickers, Storage Wars or Custom Choppers) to get my mind off of work.

Sleeper Profile: Cuddler, Don’t Touch Other: Cuddler definitely. Drives Meredith (my wife) crazy (she is not), so when she says, “no,” my kids always love it. They are like me.

Ultimate Shower Item: My item is more of an experience. My shower/bathroom is outdoors. Nature boy!

Favorite Social Networks: Post-it® notes. I’m old school and am fascinated how people I come in contact with know more about me through friends networking, posts, etc.. I’m a talker and love being in any environment where socializing face to face takes place. No preference in small or large groups … they both seem to always conclude in a great time.

How do You Unplug: Go to the country … our Farm, ride a motorcycle or horse, or being on a boat surrounded by water where I see no land … Heaven!

What is Your Legacy in the company: Relationships (manufacturers, employees and customers). I value them all and feel as though I’m surrounded by the best.

Parting Thoughts: Life is short, live it like every day may be your last, and always do the right thing. It’s simple to follow.

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