Our Newest Collection of Color, Comfort and Ease; Matlock Road

Bed made with blue and white Matlock Road bedding

Rooted in comfort and driven by ease, Matlock Road is a collection with endless possibilities. Accessible style that is versatile, colorful and made for every day. The path to the bed of your dreams starts here.


This collection is all about ease; ease of living, ease of care, ease of styling and yes, even easier on the budget. We created Matlock Road to answer the call for “livable” and in our current world, this seems more meaningful than ever. We are living in every part of our homes and making room for every member of the family.

Making your bed just got easier.

The collection is based off of a European way of styling a bed; skip the top sheet and sleep right under the duvet. In the morning you pull up your duvet, fluff your pillows and you're off! Fear not, for those who love the prints and the fabrics but are simply old school, we've included a couple options for top sheets that you can mix into any look.

The collection includes fitted sheets, duvet covers, sleeping shams, quilts and blankets.

Love the layers? Pile them on. Want to keep it simple? Opt for the minimal look with a duvet, fitted sheet and shams. 

You will also note that this collection offers something new for Peacock Alley, simply because of the color. The palette was inspired from colors in nature and include Berry, Denim, Charcoal, Olive, and Honey. Many of us are eager to experiment with pops of color and brighten up their decor. Matlock Road allows you to do so in a bold way...


...Or a more subtle way.

Grid sheets and Fern in Olive

Easy Care. We sourced fabrics that wash and wear into a relaxed, super-soft finish. Matlock Road uses 100% cotton, washed percale, which, just like it sounds has been washed to that "lived-in" feel we all adore. Wash, dry and love it, over and over again.

Easy Style. Designed to be mixed and matched, the colors and patterns of Matlock Road all work interchangeably creating countless ​looks. This allows you to refresh a single part or all of your bedding - depending on your mood and your current budget. Add a new quilt, an incredibly cozy blanket or just change the duvet and shams. With Matlock Road, there are no rules.

Lastly, in order to create a collection that was more affordable and accessible, we simplified details without cutting corners on the quality we are known and loved for. All products are Oeko-tex certified.

 Matlock Road limitless linens can be found here.

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