Make A Statement: Your Personal Style

Embroidery samples in creams and browns on various types of fabric

There is a reason why we love something that has been personalized -- it makes a statement about our personal style. It makes it more elegant. It makes it more special. It makes it uniquely ours.

There are many ways you can personalize items to say "this item was customized for me." Choose interesting embroidery styles or add a splash of color. Use it to dress up something simple. Use it to show family pride. Use it to welcome people to your home.

Gray towel with the name Jack embroidered in white

Here are some ideas:

  • Single Letter Personalization: Using the first letter of your family's last name is perfect for an item used by the whole family. A single letter on your bath towels and mats makes everyday textiles more distinctive. Guest towels that have been personalized add an air of gentility and elegance.
  • Monogram: Use a woman's monogram for something distinctly feminine, a man's monogram for something decidedly masculine or a couples' monogram for a contemporary take on personalization.
  • Full Name: The most whimsical of all personalization choices, you can really have fun with this one. Perfect for kids' beach towels, a seasonal item or something casual.
Embroidery samples in creams and browns on various types of fabric Towels embroidered with Mr and Mrs

Personalization makes a statement about personal style. So this holiday season, make a statement about you and the ones you love!

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