Get Grounded: Investing in the Foundation for your Aesthetic

Pulp Design Studios founder Carolina Gentry's bedroom done up in grays and reds with a collection of empty frames on the wall

As luxury interior designers, quality, timelessness, and functionality are the most important qualities for ourselves & our clients. Great bedding and soft goods can be an investment. So, no matter what your style, it is important to select key timeless pieces that can help create the framework for your home aesthetic, while remaining functional.

Whether you have a traditional homestead or a you are a modern dweller, if you begin your design using quality textural neutrals you can create an gorgeous foundation for an amazing design that will stand the test of time.

We are inviting you into our own homes so you can see how we applied this concept to our own lives. Our aesthetics are different from our clients, so it's fun to see how  we both selected the same Peacock Alley color way and applied it to our own homes. The results couldn't be more different. Step inside the homes of the PULP founders...

Pulp Design Studios founder Carolina Gentry's bedroom done up in grays and reds with a collection of empty frames on the wall

Carolina has an eclectic ethnic edge when it comes to style. As an interior designer who made her career in luxury hotel design, great bedding is not only an essential part of her home, but an obsession.  She's collected things over time that have built her eclectic aesthetic, so for Carolina it was important to ground the look.

In her Dallas bedroom Carolina touts the Alyssa Matelasse Coverlet & Sham in Flint. The texture of Carolina's bedding adds a richness to her space that can go toe-to-toe with the character of her furniture and collected accessories, yet still grounds the look.

Pulp Design Studios founder Beth Dotolo's family room is bright and colorful with a variety of textures and patters

Beth's family room has a quirky modern appeal, which is so different from Carolina. Beth was determined to have it all in her new Seattle home, despite having a toddler. She needed a functional, fun, and plush family room. Plus, as a new Seattle resident coming from Dallas, Beth also had two main goals: stay warm and be bright.

A lot to ask? Yes. But, Beth found the perfect grey pillows and throws to curl up in. She brought in the Marbella collection to ground her bright aesthetic and add a bit of textural richness and warmth to her space. Not only do they fit & anchor her playful modern aesthetic, but they are completely machine washable for that toddler attack!

See what we pinned for Peacock Alley on this Pinterest board. Mix and match different styles with these timeless pieces.

Guest Post by: Beth Dotolo, RID, ASID & Carolina V Gentry, RID, NEW

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Carolina and Beth from Pulp Design Studios

ABOUT: Pulp Design Studios is known for their modern interior design approach, with a flair for the unexpected. Each space that Beth & Carolina design is balanced, unique, and infused with the personality of our individual clients. Headed up by Registered Interior Designers Beth Dotolo & Carolina V Gentry, Pulp Design Studios is a boutique interior design firm that spans the country, with studios in Dallas & Seattle. (photo by Kevin Dotolo Photography)

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