Freshen Up Your Bath Towels for Spring

A pile of folded and rolled towels in various neutral shades against a white tile wall

Spring is the ultimate time of renewal, and we all long for a fresh shift in our home decor that reflects the beautiful new growth we are surrounded with when we step outdoors. A few changes can make a big difference in small room such as a bathroom. A new mirror, a new shower curtain, or a fresh set of towels can instantly create a bright, updated space.

The gold standard in towels continues to be Egyptian cotton towels, which are made of the highest quality cotton. Egyptian cotton fibers are extra-long and highly absorbent, making Egyptian cotton bath towels the most exquisite way to end a shower or bath. In addition, luxurious Egyptian cotton has a very long lifespan when properly cared for.

Our Fanfare Bath Towel is the perfect example, made of a luxuriously plush 660 gram Egyptian cotton. Its white color will instantly brighten any spring bath.

Luxury towels and washcloths in white

Our Montauk Bath Towel is also the perfect bath partner.  The soft textural waves of this 100% Egyptian cotton jacquard spa towel is beautiful and white and ivory.

White textured bath towels with cross hatched detailing

So give your bathroom a fresh look and feel with fresh, new Egyptian cotton towels. Spring has sprung!

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