A Toast To Hico, Texas


Josh Needleman, VP of product development (and the man behind Steel Magnolia), shares his top 10 moments from last weekend as the Peacock Alley family supported Homestead Antiques & Home Furnishings and the Texas Steak Cookoff.

Homestead Antiques & Home Furnishings and the Texas Steak Cookoff in Hico, TX In Hico, TX, the US and Texas flags fly proudly, the front of The Jersey Lilly looks like it came from an old western, and John Bitzer poses with two lovely Texas ladies Classic cars, vendor booths lining the street, and the Peacock Alley Airstream in Hico, TX
  1. Homestead. The traffic through the store (Steel Magnolia was stationed outside) was incredible.
  2. Steak. The amount of participants entering the contest increased this year. There were 102 contestants.
  3. The Simple Life. There were so many great new and existing friends that share the same passion as we do; living a simple life and having a great time while being together. I love living in the moment!
  4. 300. Easily 300 people visited and toured the airstream. Not only did they tour, they stayed, made themselves comfortable and used this home as though it was theirs.
  5. Crowds. The crowds of people who came in this year versus previous years was amazing. This was the first time Hico has ever had traffic coming in from all sides.
  6. Raising Support. Hico cheerleaders, who volunteered for serving dinner at Homestead’s private dinner, earned more than $1,100 in tips that went towards their high school.
  7. Model Behavior. The beautiful folk who unexpectedly accompanied our group to the Homestead dinner.
  8. Cheers to Homestead. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to toast to the Homestead store and its owners, Mike and Brenda James, who hosted the dinner. A salute to the unbelievable meal served by the landmark restaurant in Dallas, The Grape (Brian and Courtney Lischer - owners) and Wiseman Chocolates (Chocolatiers based out of Hico).
  9. Camp Out. I slept in the trailer both nights. It feels like heaven when the great breeze comes through open windows!
  10. Hammock. The hammock outside the trailer was a hit! Everyone wanted one and Peacock Alley slip covers to go along with them.
Josh Needleman of Peacock Alley

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  • Wow-what a fun event! Thank you, Josh, for all the work that goes into getting that land yacht Airstream to and from the destination. Hico is a diamond in the rough and continuing to grow in popularity and prestige every year. Congratulations to Brenda and Mike at Homestead for their support and success of Peacock Alley.

    Dale Cooper

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