Got You Covered

All of our Bedding basics share a few key elements: First, quality is key. Each sheet, pillow case, coverlet and duvet will wash well and feel better as you use it. Second, you can't go wrong pick a color, because all Peacock Alley colors work together. Last, thanks to their simplicity, all of these options can fit into any design scheme. Just layer them in with other items you already own. Ready? Set? Go. Shop the basics.

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Percale Vs. Sateen

What's the difference between percale and sateen? To us, it's all in the finish.

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Three Sheets in Rotation

Easy as 1, 2, 3. How many sheets do you need? We think the magic number is three. One on the bed. One in the wash. And one ready to go in the linen closet. Couldn't be easier.

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Well Thread

A high thread count does not actually mean a softer sheet. Thread count is the number of threads—vertical and horizontal—found in a one-inch square of fabric. A super high thread count, then, could be used to describe a canvas tarp due to its density. So make sure you take into account the type of fabric (cotton is best), the construction, and the weave of the sheet and you’ll be well on your way to dreamland

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