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Starting at: $85.00

Peacock Alley's Tiffany bath rug is the ultimate in luxury bath rugs. Made of sumptuous 100% Turkish Cotton these bath rugs will create you the spa-at-home that you have always craved! Simply best in luxury bathroom rugs for the designer bathroom you have always wanted.

  • 100% Long Staple Cotton

  • Imported from Portugal

  • Machine Washable

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    Starting at: $85.00

    "I have the Tiffany bath mat in Espresso, (dark chocolate brown) but of course it also comes in Glacier, Ivory, White, Wheat, Natural and more. So honestly, the picture on the Peacock Alley website does this no justice. When I opened up the package and put this on my new bathroom floor, stepping on it was like stepping on feathers. This is the softest mat I have ever felt! It even leaves an indent of your foot, so you can see how plushy it is. I really don't think I'll ever go back to Bed Bath & Beyond for my bath mats again." ~ Me and Bella Blog

    Collection Name Tiffany
    Collection Line Signature
    Material Cotton
    Country Portugal
    Sizes Available Large, Small

    Small / 20" x 31"

    Large / 24" x 40"

    Machine Washable

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